Fixed Asset Management & Tagging

Asset tagging and asset management is an accounting audit process that track fixed assets for the purposes of asset depreciation, asset financial accounting, asset preventive maintenance, and asset theft deterrence. Asset tagging also helps track asset repairs, asset movement and value added on particular asset. Our Asset management solutions are tailored to automate all aspects of your asset reconciliation.

Many organizations face a significant challenge to track the asset location, asset quantity, condition of assets, asset maintenance, asset depreciation and status of their fixed assets. Asset Management process is of great strategic and operational importance to large and medium organizations. Netfied Interactive is committed to providing the highest level of asset management service and we are confident with our experience in asset management and the products we offer for asset management.

Netfied Interactive has a high blend of technical knowledge in Fixed Asset Management, Asset Serialization, Asset Tagging, Asset Reconciliation and we deliver in a proven and effective manner. Netfied Interactive has experience in Fixed Asset Verification and Asset Tagging in Kenya and across a wide variety of sectors. We draw your attention to this experience as detailed in our list of clients as outlined in our portfolio.

A popular approach to tracking fixed assets utilizes serial numbered Asset Tags, often with bar codes for easy, fast and accurate reading. Periodically, the organizations can take inventory of the assets with a mobile barcode reader and then produce asset depreciation, asset financial standings, asset preventive maintenance, and missing assets, asset repairs, asset movement and value added on assets reports. Our approach is both consultative and collaborative in your asset reconciliation and will ensure that all stakeholder user departments in your organization share in the rewards of successful implementation of your asset management project.

Some asset tracking methods automate the process of asset auditing such as using asset symbol scanners to read bar codes or by attaching a radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag to an asset and implement a fixed RFID scanners. RFID asset tags are also used in library management and are suitable for file archiving.